About Funeral director De Cock

Firma De Cock: Saying farewell = respecting a person's last wishes

Above all, saying farewell in a respectful manner


For more than a hundred years, the company Louis De Cock NV, a family business, has ensured that funerals are arranged fully in line with individual and personal wishes.


Our experience and our professional personnel ensure that, from the outset, we can both respond to the wishes of the deceased and care for relatives.


We take care of all formalities, so that relatives no longer need to cope with additional worries.

The service we provide is one of leave taking in respect and serenity.



Mourning centres


In our various mourning centres, bereaved persons can say goodbye to departed loved ones in an intimate atmosphere.


Our centres allow families to say some words of farewell in the presence of a departed relative, or perhaps hold a farewell ceremony according to their personal wishes and religious convictions.

Our director is available to accompany families if so desired.


In terms of technology, we have moved with the times. Options available include photographs or slides, with the addition of background music, an extra large TV screen or even a live appearance – in short, we go to any length to fully meet the requirements of our clients.


Following the ceremony, a get-together of family and friends can be a pleasant way of reminiscing.


Our homely coffee rooms are at your disposal and these can be arranged to meet any of your special requirements.


Our mourning centres always have the deceased and the family in mind.

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